Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog 2.0

The whole once-a-week entry thing obviously did not happen since the beginning of the blog, so we will consider this a reboot of the blog and go on from here.

The summer has been relaxing in some ways. My wife and I actually stayed home to rest - which is a big departure from what usually happens. Usually we are traveling or taking some school courses. It was nice to just have a "staycation" this year.

This being said, there were a lot of different things going on around the house. We made a lot of improvements in the landscaping. With the help of friends, we reworked our raised bed garden, installed a fence around it, and created some gates for easier access. We also created a better pathway around the house. Inside, we repainted all of the house...and...as usually happens...found some things that were done wrong the first time.

Note: It is not usually a good thing to have a light fixture in the shower that is not waterproof...or have light switches/outlets that are not grounded. I know it was made in 1968...but really...

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