Friday, September 18, 2009

When to Remember a Camera

It is amazing the things that can happen when you decide to go a different way in life.

Mind you, it was not anything really major today. When I got home, my wife and I decided to take a large loop around the lake for our daily walk. The forest preserve near our house is really great. We usually get to see deer, rabbits, swans, and other birds almost every walk we take. Today, we were able to see a small brown snake (maybe someone will know what kind it might have been), but, even more impressively, we were able to see a beaver. I literally came with in two feet of it as it hid in the long grass surrounding the lake it lives in. I stood there looking at it, and it looking at me. I then slowly made its way down through the grass and reeds to the lake and slowly swam away. We have seen them swimming in the lake this year (which I have never seen in the seven years we have been here), but I have never come this close to one before.

Wish I had had a camera with me. :)

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  1. I wish you had a camera, too. I love beavers. Love them. They are so superbly adapted, and they get a bad reputation only because they are the only other species that changes their environment so drastically, and I think we're offended that someone else would try...