Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dam Forest Preserve

Just got back from a walk with my wife through the local forest preserve.  A couple posts ago, I commented on how cool it was to see a beaver so up-close and personal.  My wife and I rounded the bend to the lake...and heard the sound of rushing water.  The Park District had destroyed the beaver's dam between the two lakes.  The water level was noticeably lower.  This made me think a couple of things - are we really conserving nature if we wreck something one of nature's creatures has constructed to survive... and I really hope the beavers are still here.


  1. You see -- that's what I was talking about... it totally offends us that some other organism might try to alter its environment to meet its needs. WE do that all the time, everywhere, with hardly a thought about how it messes other critters up. But when a beaver takes some initiative...
    I am sad for your beavers. Let me know what happens to them. (Sometimes, when they destroy the dams, they also trap and move the beavers...)

  2. I am really hoping they did not trap and move the beavers. I have seen beaver sign for a long time, and this year was the first that I've actually seen them.